“We don’t want to leave the ocean. We don’t want to leave the shore. We’ve found some things and done some things we’ve never done before. Some folk likes to rock some folk likes to roll. We don’t want to leave the ocean¬†because it frees your soul”

Take a voyage through new songs on rough and calm waters with sailors on a musical journey to a far away land.

  1. Happens To Be Liz Narey 3:47
  2. Boy On The Bridge Liz Narey 3:08
  3. Million Songs Liz Narey 1:59
  4. Pythagoras Liz Narey 2:31
  5. Raw Liz Narey 2:25
  6. Ships Out Of Sligo Liz Narey 3:08
  7. So You See Liz Narey 3:50
  8. Weavers Liz Narey 3:03